Post Hole Digger

The Hole Deal
A New Kind of Post Hole Digger

If you've dug a lot of holes like I have you know that not all holes are the same. Some holes need to have uniform straight sides. Other holes may need to have various shapes and sizes. Sometimes unusually deep holes are desired. And sometimes holes are needed in places that seem difficult or impossible to access.

There is a saying about having the “right tool for the right job.” Wouldn’t it be great if one post hole digger handled all of these digging needs? And if that post hole digger was easier and more efficient to use, all the better!

This is exactly why THE HOLE DEAL was designed and built. THE HOLE DEAL is the first manually operated post hole digger that can dig straight sided holes of any diameter and shape and will dig in any location, even hard to get at places. And THE HOLE DEAL will do all of this faster and easier than any other digger on the market today. It is no wonder that THE HOLE DEAL has won invention awards for innovation and design. THE HOLE DEAL is so well built, so simply designed, and so efficient to use that our number one comment heard over and over again is: “Why didn’t someone think of this before?”

Please take a second to visit our product description page and find out why thousands of customers have discovered that THE HOLE DEAL is “the right hole digging tool for the right hole digging job”.

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